Why the WalkerDrygas fiscal pitch is disingenuous, the impact of the SCt's decision on #akleg forward funding, our takeaways from Conoco's 2Q earnings report & some thoughts on #AKelect
What would it take to make Alaska's fiscal structure more fair to Alaska families? The most important thing: broaden the funding base.
What we've learned from the candidate interviews, why who finishes 4th in the #AKgov primary is important & Gov Dunleavy shows again he's not that…
Oil production would need to grow by A LOT more than is reasonable to expect to avoid either PFD cuts or taxes
What money & endorsements are telling us about #akelect, the 5 #akleg races we are using as a bellwether & we should learn something important about…
Here's why substituting taxes for PFD cuts would produce more equitable revenues without, as some claim, increasing spending
Some 2023 #akleg session fiscal issues already are emerging, WoodMac classifies the North Slope as a "disadvantaged" oil basin and some add'l good news…
Why we view a candidate's approach to funding budget deficits as THE most important fiscal issue they should be questioned on this election cycle
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